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    About us

    Founded in 2001, Guangzhou Weidian Audio Industry Co., Ltd. (referred to as Weidian Enterprise) is a manufacturing enterprise engaged in the research, development, production and sales of professional audio design, with the goal of “manufacturing and creating quality products”. Pay attention to the construction of corporate culture: promote independent open management, combine interest and position, and pay equal attention to individual and team. Create a learning enterprise, enhance and tap personal potential, actively innovate, and self-transcend. Advocate relationships are simple and harmonious, creating a happy working environment. I feel the true meaning of life and realize the value of self.
    Weidian has strong technical force, advanced equipment and complete imported production machinery. The company has experienced more than 14 years of development. Now it has an independent office building, a dedicated electronic R&D and design center, an electroacoustic research and development center, a woodworking workshop, and polishing. Workshops, speaker painting workshops, audio assembly workshops, power amplifier production workshops and other production offices have formed a fully automated production system. After-sales sales, with accessories to protect after-sales, after technical service after-sales, to continue to improve the technology to expand the sales of the industrial chain model nanny service, to ensure the sound development of dealers, engineering firms. The "precision" service market is the company's aim.
    In recent years, in order to meet the needs of development, the company combines its own status quo, adhering to the "special person full-time", "implementing effective" resource integration, to ensure operational standards, efficiency and feasibility; Weidian enterprises: production, sales, general management three Large institutions, at the same time set up: production operations, finance, sales, assistant, administrative, engineering, after-sales service, planning and other eight full-time departments to serve customers. Weidian Enterprise Audio products have significant model projects in various provinces in China: top business clubs, luxury KTVs, chain stores and large bars and other entertainment venues, as well as some well-known large hotels, unit auditoriums, schools, government units and many other projects. They have achieved remarkable results and are loved by many agents and engineering companies.

    "To build customers for the sound, to develop the world with innovation", the company has been recognized and shoved by the majority of audio agents with high-quality product quality and good after-sales service attitude, occupying the market with price, with quality Winning customers is the company's business philosophy.

    Our Mission:
    Create and create quality products with heart
    Enterprise development goals:
    Create a well-known domestic audio brand
    Create a top entertainment audio brand
    Business philosophy:
    Help customers succeed, help their employees succeed, and help their employees succeed.
    Core values of the company:
    Corporate value customer value employee value
    Core competitiveness of enterprises:
    Execution: Building an efficient execution team
    Cohesion: more communication, less complaints; more understanding, less disputes
    Creativity: continuous learning, continuous improvement, ideas determine the way out, create a way out
    Corporate image:
    Pay attention to practical results, improve management, improve quality, and create benefits
    Quality management:
    1) The first employee has a common commitment: not accepting defective products, not manufacturing defective products, not delivering defective products.
    2) Carefully, carefully and carefully to make products for customers, to meet the needs to the greatest extent possible


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