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    PA series amplifiers have accumulated more than 10 years of power amplifier design and production experience, using the best 1943, 5200 tubes in Japan Toshiba plastic tube. Each pair of tubes can reach 150W. PA series power amplifier technology is fine, beautiful structure, strong power output, dynamic, full of sound, full of strength, sound quality, elegant electromagnetic compatibility, anti-vibration, anti-fall ability; full-function digital intelligent protection circuit, output never distortion It can work stably in harsh environments, and can be equipped with various types of speakers with confidence, no worries, safe and reliable; suitable for song and dance theaters, large-scale performances, discos, studios, advanced multi-purpose halls, concert halls, Advanced KTV rooms and other places that have high requirements for the sound quality of the amplifier.

    PA series professional power amplifier is fully considering the current use requirements of power amplifiers in various domestic applications and the operation level of various levels of operators. It draws on the advantages of foreign mainstream power amplifiers and combines domestic professional technicians with professional power amplifiers. The pursuit of technology, brainstorming, and optimized design, to provide users with the most suitable commercial requirements for sound effects with the highest level of reliability. PA series professional power amplifier adopts international mainstream AB and H class amplifying circuits, which has the advantages of high efficiency and extremely low heat generation, which improves the efficiency of the whole machine by ≥80%. Under the rated power work, the surface temperature of the heat sink is lower than 68 °C, create a boot automatically detect load impedance, automatic double soft clipping limiter circuit, make power amplifier and speaker safer, excellent overheating, short circuit, open circuit, ultra high frequency, RF, soft wave clipping limit protection and other intelligent logic Judging the protection system to ensure that the output is directly short-circuited under any circumstances. The patented protection circuit system will instantly control the output current and protect the power amplifier to ensure a strong power supply capability. The overall circuit has undergone extremely rigorous testing.

    1. The two products are the same except for the panel and the color, and the core circuit and electronic components are all the same;
    2, the white panel is mainly for the German V. brand professional speaker series, the black panel is mainly for the business speaker series;
    3, the specific price description, please call the German V. brand sales department;
    4, Germany V. card for product use and parameter descriptions have the final interpretation.
    German V. Brand (China) Sales Center



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