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    A 3-input/6-output digital signal processor with precise and extensive control of audio. The specific function buttons on the front panel interface allow fast transmission of all control parameters and eliminate hidden submenus. Backlit 2x20 features LCD display channel and function settings. Relevant specific buttons provide access to all audio functions and system tools, using advanced DSP technology, from 24 bit, 48kHz delta-sigma A / D converter with 128 times oversampling. Digital processing includes: gain, polarity switching, parametric equalizer, scaffolding filter, time delay, crossover, compression, limiting, and signal routing. All processing passes through a pair of 120MHz high performance DSP processors. The D/A converter uses a 24-bit delta-sigma converter with 128 times oversampling. All inputs and outputs are balanced with RF interference. The XLR interface allows you to control the gain, delay and six filters (each parameter you choose, high or low scaffolding). In addition to setting the crossover point, each input can be assigned to any one or a set of outputs. Four parameters can be set, high or low scaffolding filter, delay adjustment, output gain, polarity and compressor/limiter pair. Speaker protection. All of this is in a rack space with XLR card input and output interfaces.
    Performance characteristics:
    Input: Active Balance, 18K ohms
    Maximum input level: +20dBu
    Input gain range: -40dB to +12dB
    Output: Active Balance, 100 ohms
    Maximum input level: +20dBu
    Input gain range: -40dB to +12dB
    Distortion: <0.01 @ 1KHz, +20dBu
    Dynamic range: >110dB 20Hz - 20KHz unweighted
    Output noise: <-90dBu unweighted
    EQ filter
    Number of segments: input 6 segments of parameters, output 4 segments of parameters
    Parameter range: 1/64Th octave ~ 4 octave
    Range: +15/-30dB, 0.1dB value added
    Frequency response: 1/24th octave


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