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    Peripheral series

    • Power sequencer P-208
    Power sequencer P-208

    Power sequencer P-208

    Maximum input current: 60A single channel maximum output current: 30A, peak value up to 3000W, it is recommended to bring 3~4 sets of 1000W~1500W power amplifiers, each socket material is phosphor bronze, each channel has indicator light, front end is equipped with a safety switch Hidden button, delay time per action: 1 second; 2U with voltmeter.


    ●Adopt single-chip control to make time more accurate and performance more stable;
    ●Numerical real-time voltage indication, monitoring the variation of the power supply voltage at any time;
    ● Standby, running, all bypass, single channel bypass full function control;
    ● It can be cascaded with the same type of power distributor, no need to purchase other controllers;
    ● 30A high current control relay output, multi-purpose socket, suitable for all plugs on the market;
    ● A new generation of optimized dual EMI common mode rejection filter can effectively reduce or even eliminate various power supply clutter interference.
    Technical Parameters 
    Number of channels 8
    Single channel maximum output current capacity 30A/60s or 10A(RMS)
    Timing switch interval time 1 second
    Indicator Voltage / Power / Channel On / Bypass
     Control signal connection TRS
     Connection permitted/allowed
     Control timing switch / lock switch / light switch / bypass button
     Power supply 220V/50Hz-60Hz, standard 3-wire, grounding required
     Cable 3-core shielded cable
     Power filter parameters 2nd order filtering, 40kHz-3MHz attenuation 40dB
     Output socket
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