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    Line array

    • Line array FL-10
    Line array FL-10

    Line array FL-10

    ● Customized imported full neodymium magnetic unit, making the "lightweight" cabinet reproduce the "heavyweight" sound pressure;
    ● Classic trapezoidal box design, which enables seamless connection between units;
    ●Humanized hanging piece design can meet the requirements of horizontal high altitude hoisting or ground stacking;
    ●Customized multi-layer birch plywood to strictly control the solid content and amount of resin;
    ● Originally imported NEUTRIK SPEAKON 4-core speaker stand, fully guarantee the system.
    Technical Parameters
    ★●Using a revolutionary medium-high-pitched three-way coaxial design;
    ★● Full magnetic unit,
    ★● Built-in secondary double backup high frequency protection circuit to ensure the system is safe;
    ★Frequency response 40Hz-18KHz
    ★ Speaker Hi: 2x3"compression driver neodymium; Mid: 1x10" neodymium (64mm voice coil);
    Low: 2x12" (100mm voice coil)
    Nominal directivity H100°xV7°
    ★ Sensitivity Hi : 113dB; Mid : 105dB; Low : 100dB
    ★rated impedance Hi:16 ohm; Mid:16 ohm; Low:2*8 ohm
    Input sensitivity 0.77V
    Maximum input level 21dBV/9V
    Balanced input impedance 20K ohm
    Signal to noise ratio >100dB
    Channel separation > 70dB
    Damping coefficient >200
    ★ Conversion rate 35V/цs
    Protection: short circuit, limiting, over voltage, over current protection, soft start, over temperature protection
    Display Power light (white hair blue) protection light (yellow) peaking light (red) bridge light (green) parallel output light (green)
    Cooling fan follows temperature linear acceleration
    Panel control left and right channel volume control, power switch control
    Rear panel control Stereo/Bridge/Parallel Mono Switch
    Input and output connection Card balance input, 6.35mm input, professional SPEAKON output, professional terminal output
    8 ohm power consumption <750W
    ★ rated power Hi: 160W; Mid: 350W; Low: 1000W
    ★Maximum power Hi:320W; Mid 750W; Low:2000W
    ★Maximum sound pressure level Hi: 135dB (peak: 141dB); Mid: 130dB (peak: 136dB);


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