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    • VM-24 road mixer - copy
    VM-24 road mixer - copy

    VM-24 road mixer - copy

    24 mono inputs (TRS+XLR) 25 electric faders
    3 stereo inputs (TRS) 4 stereo FX returns
    20 stereo output (XLR) 2 stereo groups
    2 stereo matrix outputs 4 mute groups
    4 DCA groups 4 FX engines
    4 FX send/return 10 soft keys
    USB audio stream DAW MIDI control
    AES digital output
    Callable AnaLOGIQTM preamplifier
    Qu-Drive for multitrack recording/playback directly on USB
    800×480 touch screen
    iLive FX Sound Library
    dSNAKETM remote audio port
    Compatible with ME personal mixing system
    Qu-Pad iPad app
    All inputs with trim, polarity, high pass filter, threshold, insert, 4-band parametric equalizer, compressor and delay
    All mix outputs with insertion, 4-band parametric equalization, 1/3 octave graphic equalization, compressor and delay
    Built-in signal generator Real-time analyzer with peak band indication


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